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The story of Champagne Madame Zéro began in the iconic Premier Cru village of Vertus, France in the early 1800s. The time-honored craft and legacy over 8 generations are an integral part of us skillfully refining our progressive champagne style of present day.

Our founder has a love for champagne and a passion for redefining champagne with craft cuvées through transparency, selectivity and precision. We have a unique and focused approach to our cuvées which results in a style that does not need large amounts of added sugar (dosage) in order to be extraordinary.

With 319 villages in champagne and it being dominated by highly blended non-vintage cuvées which include multiple grape varietals, our singular approach with one coveted grape and one iconic village truly separates the style and finesse of
Madame Zéro from standard non-vintage cuvées.

Through hand picking the finest fruit and maintaining precise control over fermentation, we have developed an artisanal award cuvée of incomparable finesse, style and elegance. Our classic cuvée, the Blanc de Blancs is aged 4x longer (60 months on lees) than standard house cuvées. Composed of 100% chardonnay with grapes exclusively from the Premier Cru village of Vertus, selectivity and transparency are the foundation of Champagne Madame Zéro

We continue to embrace the centuries old tradition and legacy of the growers. We also believe that the future of champagne is now and
Madame Zéro dares to "redefine champagne."  Each bottle produced adorns elegant lace on the neck foil and labels as a reflection of the fine, delicate, precise style of Madame Zéro. The paint splatter embraces the non-conformist essence of the cuvée and the muselet cap encompasses the masked “modern madame” image revealing that anyone can be selective.

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