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   As a native Texan that grew up on the beaches of Galveston, TX, our founder, Matthew Massey was first exposed to wine while working for his first car in high school.  As a teenager, the values of hard work and integrity led Matthew to a job as a waiter at an Italian restaurant owned by an immigrant who worked his way up from dishwasher to chef to restaurateur.  Matthew’s boss became a mentor who taught him the importance of scratch-made pasta and most of all, the beauty of wine.


     This began a lifelong fascination with not only the wine itself but the wine regions of the world.  Matthew knew he wanted more exposure to other cultures made up of artisans passionate about the craft of winemaking.  He jumped at the chance to accompany a childhood friend studying for his Master Sommelier exam who was also making wine at a vineyard in California.

     Upon graduating college, Matthew decided to pursue a career in global energy in order to continue to pursue the world of wine.  As a champagne enthusiast, the more he traveled and experienced old-world wines from specific regions, he developed more curiosity on the singular villages within champagne which he decided to discover.  Exploring many of the 319 villages in Champagne, the mystery of composition became a focus.  Matthew’s growing obsession with champagne matched his interest in health and fitness.  The highly-blended nature of most champagnes revealed a lack of non-vintage bottles on the market that had exceptional quality without the added sugars.  Matthew set out to create a champagne of the highest quality that would give customers transparency regarding nutrition, aging, terroir, grape varietal, vine age, and dosage.

Champagne Madame Zero Overview.png

After many years of experimentation and development, Matthew introduced Madame Zero in late 2021.  Employing a team back in France of French grape growers and French winemakers, Matthew guides this American company that is distinctly French in its product from ground to bottle.  Champagne Madame Zero comes from a single village unlike many of the large champagne houses that blend from up to 100 of the 319 villages in the official region.  Another distinction is Madame Zero’s focus on growing beautiful Chardonnay, where large houses commonly blend two to three grape varietals mainly focusing on dark fruit (pinot noir, pinot meunier).

   By starting with the highest quality fruit, Madame Zero doesn’t need to add moderate to large amounts of sugar to achieve perfect balance.  Sugar increases carbohydrates and calories, and drinkers can feel the effects the next day.  Madame Zero is a friendlier choice for keto and low-carb diets and for diabetics who just want to enjoy a great glass of champagne on any occasion.

Champagne Madame Zero Overview (1).png
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