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Transparency is at the forefront of our brand. We believe it is important to be informative on the distinct differences between the unique style of Champagne Madame Zéro vs other styles of champagne in the market. We encourage you to ask yourself “what’s in my champagne?"

The most common style of champagne is “brut." Moderate amounts of sugar (dosage) are added to achieve balance, a consistent style from one release to the next and in some cases, cover up imperfections in the champagne. They are commonly highly blended from the 3 most prominent grapes in champagne: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay and, in some instances, a larger house can blend grapes from up to 100 villages. Non-vintage brut champagnes are also commonly aged the minimum duration of the mandated 12 months on lees (15 months total time) before release. They have up to 12g/L of added sugar which can range up to 15g/L (+/- 3g/L tolerance).

Madame Zéro is an “extra brut” champagne focused on selectivity, transparency and quality. Of the 319 villages in champagne, Madame Zéro is derived from the singular iconic Premier Cru village of Vertus.  Our award winning blanc de blancs is composed of 100% chardonnay and extra aged  for 60 months or 4x longer than traditional non vintage champagne.

This extra aging combined with the elegance of chardonnay and the plots we cultivate in Vertus yields our cuvée requiring an extremely light dosage to achieve perfect balance while still enabling the beautiful character of the Premier Cru chardonnay grapes to be revealed. This is similar to a chef starting with exceptional ingredients and only needing a dash of seasoning to finish a wonderful dish. We believe that adding large amounts of sugar is not necessary when you start with the best fruit from optimal soils with extended aging. Our cuvées contain ≤ .5g of sugar per glass with full nutritional transparency.

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